Vetta refers to the very best collection of imagery from iStock. It is hand-picked by a team of editors for intelligently executed concepts and accomplished art direction. Right now, the stock photo website has over 35,000 Vetta files in its library. That is 1% of the entire image collection. They start at 20 credits per asset for small sizes and up to 70 credits for XXX-large assets. While they have high prices, they don’t scare customers. They still have high demands.

The Vetta collection was introduced for two main reasons:

  • To give solutions to a specific client need
  • To encourage contributors to create rare and unique stock images

What is the difference between Vetta and standard collection?

istock logoThe difference between iStock Vetta and the standard image collection is that the former is hand-selected by high performance editors. Each asset in the Vetta collection has something that caught the eye of the stock photo website’s editor and fits the strict acceptance criteria of the collection. On the other hand, the standard collection are images that meet the requirements of the stock site only. They do not involve a high level or artistic risk.

The standard collection has the best royalty-free stock images available anywhere. It contains millions of useful and beautiful files. It has a new iStock pricing model that we believe will work well with the stock photo site’s customers. But, iStock Vetta offers something different. The initial collection represents soul and artistic innovation. Most of them have been downloaded a few times. From this small pool of images, iStock aims to grow the collection by adding images that fit the Vetta spirit.

History of Vetta

iStock was the first microstock agency to offer its contributors to work under the terms of exclusivity. It offers higher royalty percentage in exchange of displaying exclusive images in its file search, enhanced legal protection, and extra promotional actions. After some time, the stock site considered customer trends and developed its exclusive area further. This is where Vetta started – as part of a development. It was then announced in 2009.

Now, the iStock Vetta collection contains over 35,000 images and illustrations. Its paradigm is simple and effective. All images are handpicked by a team of high performance editors for exquisite art direction, rarity, and intelligently executed concepts. That is the reason why you will never find the same image in any stock photo website’s library. In some way, Vetta files are the elite of royalty-free images. They are exclusive to the stock site.

How much do they cost? To be honest, they are fairly expensive compared to the standard royalty-free images. Their prices are extremely fixed, depending on the size of the image you want to purchase. Not every buyer can afford them, but they will surely mark you out against your competitors. They will bring your product status an extremely high quality.       

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